Monday, September 6, 2010

the name of our little princess

salam ladies

today i dah start cuti but my hubs still keja...uwaa...uwaa...sarah i antar kat umah pengasuh dia..sbb i nak kena wat keja umah and blogging.tiba2 i teringt nak tulis entry tentang di sebalik nama SARAH KHADIJAH.

sejak dari i dah confirmed pregnant, i dapat rasa my baby is a girl..instinct seorg ibu kot. gila nak anak perempuan.hehehhe..while in a search of names, I decided to choose S sbg nama rasmi..hehe..ikut nama hubby i..dari dulu lagik i suka nama at first nak letak family i xsuka. my husband pun cm x berapa suka dgn nama tu gak..i punya la berkenan nama summayyah tu..namanya lembut..then hubs and me decided to choose SARAH..the wife of Nabi Ibrahim.

KHADIJAH plak i sorg2 yg pilih..i nak bg nama anak i klasik..husband i nak letak nama yg mula dgn Z..ikut xpa lah..xdak yg berkenan di hati ni..dulu sebelum mengandung mmg i gila nama moden mcm lily zarissa (dari zaman uni lgik berangan nk letak nama anak i lily zarissa) dapat tentangan maha hebat dari suami terchinta..hehehe..lama2 i jatuh hati dgn nama2 klasik..i dapat idea nak letak nama khadijah time dalam keta ngn kakak i..dia tny nak letak nama apa..tiba2 terus i jawab "KHADIJAH"..isteri kesayangan Rasullah SAW. insyaAllah,pas ni adik sarah klu perempuan i akan remain KHADIJAH as her name too. klu laki lain ler ceriteee nyeerrrr....hehehehe

semoga anak perempuan mommy mewarisi akhlak Siti Khadijah dan Siti Sarah..semoga sentiasa menjadi anak yg solehah dan diberkati Allah dunia dan akhirat.

untuk memilih nama bayi xsemestinya maknanya dalam Islam jek..boleh jugak kita letak nama anak kita yg bawa maksud baik2 dalam bahasa lain. asalkan namanya ada maksud. even, klu mcm i yg sgt adore tun dr mahathir kan,i boleh ja letak nama my son mahathir sbb i tau mahathir ni leader,bijak and cerdik.mula2 dulu i ingat smua nama2 ni kena ikut nama Islam jek. then husband i bgtau.rupa2nya xpe long as maksudnya baik.itu yg paling penting.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

our honeymoonS

salam ladies..

our honeymoons (with S tuuuu..hehehe..xbyk..dua je pun)

A honeymoon can also be the first moments a newly-wed couple spend together, or the first holiday they spend together to celebrate their marriage. Every couple has different places to be chosen for their honeymoon destination. Many newlyweds decide their destination earlier before tiding the knot. As for me, our honeymoon were fully sponsored by my parents and parents in law.. best kan?

Our first honeymoon:

My parents sponsored our first vacation as husband n wife in Langkawi. We went there 2 days after our wedding. It was the first visit to Langkawi for my hubs. I dah byk kali.. but it was different when the vacay was called as “honeymoon”.. we really enjoyed our moment there even it was a short one. My hubs love to travel and beaches hell lot. Oo.. I HATE BEACHES and BITCHES…hehee..xsuka panas2..berpeluh..mcm puteri lilin lagaknya weis…hehe dok langkawi 2 days ja. Jadik la kan??sbb the following week majlis sambut menantu kat putrjaya. So I kena la jaga kulit kan?xnak sunburn bagai.. kami berdua-duaan lawat UnderWaterWorld. Ok la.. as I written before..dah nama honeymoon kan??so smua benda rasa best.. naik kereta cable..panjat2 tangga yg punya lah tinggi tu sampai lenguh abih kaki..even I dah p still enjoy. My hubs x expert sgt pasal I la yg decide nak p mana.. dalam 2 hari tu segala ceruk rantau kami p..sampai sesat! Itu lah namanya sehati sejiwa kan???????? Hehehe.. we went for shopping at the most famous spot for shopping Ismail Group..ingatkan x shopping apa2 pun..tgk2 we spent more than rm2k there..ya ampun!beli pinggan mangkuk,chocolate, souvenirs, kain pelikat and kain batik for all relatives..mana x abih duit mommy ni..

Our second honeymoon:

We went for our second honeymoon 2 weeks after majlis sambut menantu..My mom in law called me 2 months earlier before we get married to ask me to choose our destination. I wanted to go to OZ but my mil (mom in law) suggested that the trip to be in Indonesia only. Abih punah harapan haku!ngeh! but I was very lucky kan dapat percuma honeymoon..harus bersyukur di situ!wee~~ I definitely chose BALI!!! Smua org kan p honeymoon BALI..i pun nakkkkk!!!!! Best sgt sbb we had such a nice driver and kami xkongsi kereta dgn org lain.keta tu just for 2 of us…We really enjoyed our time there..4 hari 3 malam, stayed in honeymoon suite (nama ja bilik biasa ja..Cuma dia tabur bunga ja lebey).. merata jugak la kami melawat..smua tempat yg org biasa2 melawat tuuu..hehe..mmg best! Cuma makanan kat sana sgt2 x best…I xlalu makan lgsg!arrrggghh!!menyesal x bawak megi. Nak carik yg halal pun susah..itu yg x bestnya..i ingatkan I p BALI sure la xdak apa nak beli..last2 we spent rm3k there!horror!!!!!!!!!!! tp berbaloi..we bought a lot of paintings and deco stuff.. kira ok la..

Alhamdulillah..thank Allah I’ve found him (my hubs). We are meant to be together insyaAllah.. I still remember how patience he was during our honeymoons.. mcm2 hal nak settle tp dia sgt cool and pandai handle everything..i rasa secure bila travel dgn dia..

Friday, September 3, 2010

***happy 5 months old sarah khadijah***

salam ladies...

I was very busy this week. Alhamdulillah, I still managed to handle everything in their own ways. But I was so tired so I didn’t spend much time with my baby. My baby spent almost her time with her daddy since mommy needs to finish her book review, assignment and writing proposal. So I decided to spend this weekend with her playing at our new fav spot, at our home sweet home... Hehe..

on 29th august last month, my baby is 5 mons old..(entry ni supposed to be released on xdan..)

My 5-month-old baby is now teething. Her saliva ran out her mouth mcm air terjun bila gigit teether dia..ahahahaha…. then I decided to put on her bib when we went out. Senang..sejak dia dah meniarap ni, I put 2 layers of comforters in my living room to help sarah to roll her tummy to her back.since my comforter is quite colorful, I found that sarah loves it soooo much..she spends almost 10 minutes to discover the design printed on the comforter.letak benda color2 mmg dia suka.may be colorful objects are much clearer kot for her... then she moves forward or backward. The cutest is she mimics sounds like oouuu..aarrrr…uuuhh..engee..hehehe..(ni dah start time she was 4mons old).. i am a super happy mommy. At this stage I noticed that Sarah easily grabbed and tasted what ever things that she can reach. I always make sure that only her toys are around her. The best part is, when she smiles when she looks herself in the mirror.. she also spontaneously smiles to us.hehehe..rasa cm nak gigit!

I noticed that when I called “sarah…sarah..”..she immediately turned around to locate my voice.. she already knew that her name is SARAH…ngeeeeee…She likes to see my mouth when I sing and talk or bebel to her..dah mula discover on sound and gestures..good!!

Sarah loves to see me makeup, wearing my hijab, and gossiping thru phone. Mmg sah anak gadis mommy ni!but, she never talks to strangers ya anyone!!!ahahaha..confirm nih anak hubby is quite shy and reserved...klu jumpa org surely diamm je..klu dia malu,muka dia jadik cm nak marah..ahahahaha…sbb nak cover bila balik umah..nah amik kau!xberhenti-henti bercakap.. sarah sebijik nih mcm dia..hehe…she is not like me..klu sembang sampai 4jam pun x abih ceritanya.. she cried when her opah, atok, mak ude and makngah carried her..x bg chance lgsg okies..menangis mcm kena pukul! baby has reached her milestone..go baby go!!!mommy and daddy love u a lot.. sarah..u don’t have any idea how much we love and care about u darling..may Allah bless u always sayang…

 my healthy and happy 5mons old baby